The Beautiful Work of Linda Nieves-Powell’s Photography

Please enjoy the beautiful work of Linda Nieves-Powell whose photography portrays the trailblazing Latina icons of Rita Moreno, Selena, Frida Kahlo, Maria Montes, Iris Chacon and Carmen Miranda.

“It’s important to honor innovators, it’s our history and we need to look at them as examples of women who were able to do things that seemed impossible and implausible at a time when roles for them were non-existent,” said writer, director, and photographer Nieves-Powell. “They were able to crush obstacles and we can find strength from that.”

“Each of these women was epic and powerful in her own right and channeling each of them was healing and empowering,” said Rebecca Gitana Torres, whose stunning transformation into each of the beauties was beautifully captured on film.”




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