5 Buddhist Philosophies

“1. “Practice compassion”. Rather than just being empathetic, compassion takes it to a whole new level by taking action with kindness.

Practical tip: Try to do one nice act for another human being daily.

2. “Get to know your mind”: Once you become the observer, you begin to witness how your mind works without getting entangled in it.

Practical tip: Aim to be an impartial observer of your mind several times a day. Don’t judge, just watch.

3. “Connect with others who support you.” Humans are social beings and having a support network is crucial.

Practical tip: Call your parents or significant other and let them know how grateful you are.

4. “Don’t fear death.” Accepting things you can’t control is key to Buddhist philosophy.

Practical tip: Read Epicurus’ letter in the idea related below!

5. “Every cause has an effect.”

Practical tip: Every time you speak to others, be thoughtful of how your words are affecting them.”

By Lachlan Brown, Ideapod

Lachlan Brown runs the growth hacking division of Ideapod, a social network for sharing ideas. He also created Hack Spirit, a blog providing practical tips to help people live a mindful life.

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