5 #GIRLHEROES on the Forefront of Climate Action



Each year the United Nations holds a summit on climate change; where it works to persuade countries both large and small to think sustainably and give up fossil fuels. This annually occurring conference, now in its 22nd year, is called the Conference of the Parties or COP22. This year it took place in Marrakech, whereas past negotiations have taken place in Paris, Kyoto, Copenhagen, Warsaw, and Lima…to name a few. Last year, COP21 had high steaks. For the first time in a very long time, all eyes were on Paris and now they are on Marrakech to see how countries will comply.

Advocates for girl’s rights need to seize this moment and push for a girls most basic rights. Highlighting how climate justice entails meeting commitments for gender equality and education– especially for girls. If we are able to do so, this could be the year when the impact that climate change is already having on existing gender inequality and on girls’ access to quality education is included in the conversation. The following women climate leaders have played a pivotal role in advancing climate action and are the definition of #GIRLHERO(es).


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