7 inspiring, badass women.

Lilian Bland in her plane

You may not have heard of them, but these women defied convention and set their own paths.

Once you start learning about women’s history, you realize that we’re living in a golden time for women’s freedom and rights.

As Ellen Burstyn details in her candid and heartbreaking interview with Anna Sale for the Death, Sex & Money podcast, after Burstyn’s husband was placed in a mental hospital, she wasn’t allowed to transfer the couple’s car insurance to her name — even though her husband was incapacitated. Harvard didn’t admit women until 1977, and Columbia sent women to Barnard instead until 1981. It wasn’t until 1973 that women in all 50 states could serve on juries, and it was the 1970s before many of the last laws changed. Now women can own property, have their own credit cards and yes, even have car insurance in their own names. It’s amazing to think that women haven’t even been able to vote for 100 years yet. http://mnatu.re/2r2YH57

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