BUILDING A HOSPITAL OF HOPE. Last month the last children’s hospital in Eastern Aleppo was bombed. Whilst our governments fail to act we’re coming together to support its doctors in building a new hospital. We’re sending a ‘People’s Convoy’ to the country on December 17th stocked with the medical supplies they need. Give what you can.


Help them save lives in the most dangerous place on earth

In Syria, hospitals have become targets for the Syrian Government and its ally Russia. As medics come under fire in the most dangerous place on earth, we are coming together to support their lifesaving work.

Last month the only children’s hospital left in besieged East Aleppo was bombed out of existence. It was struck by missiles as the medical workers were treating children suffering from a chlorine attack. This hospital has been attacked before but every time the amazing staff have rebuilt it. This time, judging it too dangerous and without the supplies to rebuild the hospital was closed for good.

Now by coming together we can get these heroic doctors and nurses the equipment they need to open an entirely new children’s hospital in the nearby countryside. We’re sending a People’s Convoy to the country on December 17th stocked with medical supplies which can save lives immediately and a message that ‘we the people of the world stand with Syria’s lifesavers’.

A similar convoy is being organised in France to equip clinics in Aleppo. You can read more about it HERE.

By raising £91,432 we can outfit an entire children’s hospital. We know it’s easy to feel powerless, but this is something you can do that can make a real difference.


Organising organisations
  • Across The Divide
  • CanDo
  • Doctors Under Fire
  • Hand in Hand for Syria
  • Phoenix Foundation
  • The Syria Campaign
  • UOSSM (Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations)
Endorsing/supporting partners
  • Defenders for Medical Impartiality
  • Doctors of the World – US
  • Emma Children’s Hospital, University of Amsterdam
  • IFHHRO (International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organizations)
  • IDA – Independent Doctors Association
  • Karam Foundation
  • Medical Aid International
  • Nobel Women’s Initiative
  • Physicians for Human Rights
  • Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
  • Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition
  • Syrian American Medical Society – SAMS
  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
  • World Extreme Medicine


100% of the money raised will go directly to supporting the Independent Doctors Association: either buying the equipment or contributing to the hospital construction and development costs. Your contribution will change the lives of Syria civilians seeking medical care – please give generously.

The Independent Doctors Association [IDA] was founded by a medical committee of Syrian doctors from Aleppo in June 2012 as a response to the humanitarian needs in areas outside of government control in Northern Syria. By the end of 2016, IDA will be providing nearly a million people in the Aleppo governorate with medical services. IDA is headquartered in Gaziantep with an additional office in Kilis, and runs all of its health projects in Aleppo governorate.

Donations are processed through “The Voices Project” which is the legal name of The Syria Campaign – registered in the UK. The Syria Campaign/Voices Project receives no money from this fundraising campaign and all money collected will go directly to supporting IDA.

The People’s Convoy is organised by CanDo, Doctors Under Fire, The Phoenix Foundation, and The Syria Campaign. The operational costs of the convoy are privately funded.

To get in touch with campaign organisers, email:

For more information on the People’s Convoy, please visit:

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