CaringCrowd® knows that progress takes generosity, collaboration and commitment.


CaringCrowd is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to improving global public health.

What makes us different

Projects on CaringCrowd focus specifically on global public health. Every project you see on our site is backed by a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and has been reviewed by our diverse team of experts. CaringCrowd does not charge organizations a fee to use the platform, so project owners can make the most of your funding.

Many projects.

One purpose.

The projects on CaringCrowd cover the full spectrum of global public health. Topics include: Basic Needs, Infectious Diseases, Accidents & Injury, Women & Children, Healthcare Systems & Access, Chronic Diseases and Humanitarian Emergencies. Click on a project to learn more and to make a pledge.

How it works

Important things to know about CARINGCROWD®:

CARINGCROWD is where public health comes together. Here, project owners can find donors, and people who want to support global public health can find projects that need funding right now. Project owners set a fundraising goal and deadline. If people want to support a project, they can make a pledge to help make it happen.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, CARINGCROWD is 100% dedicated to public health. Any organization can register a project on CARINGCROWD as long as it meets our criteria. All organizations must be registered 501(c)(3) non-profits and based in the U.S.

Like many other crowdfunding platforms, funding on CARINGCROWD is all-or-nothing. Projects must reach their funding goals in order to receive donations. Donors will not be charged if projects fail to meet their funding goals within the specified period – between 15 and 90 days – and projects may be funded up to 10% above the fundraising goal.

CARINGCROWD does not charge project owners for usage of the platform.
While most other crowdfunding platforms charge project owners between 3-15% of funding, CARINGCROWD charges no fees.

CARINGCROWD works with Stripe to process financial transactions.

Stripe fees are incurred by the project owner. Please visit Stripe to view a description of the fees.

Click here to download the project owner toolkit with information on how the site works and tips on making your campaign successful.

Guidance for Project Owners

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