Florida universities to hire more mental-health counselors.

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Spurred by the state Board of Governors, Florida universities will hire 56 mental-health professionals this year and a total of 105 over the next four years. The Board of Governors, which oversees the university system, has been advocating for more mental-health spending from the Legislature over the past two years, with data showing more students need the services and that many students face serious psychological challenges, including stress, anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Read more at http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/politics/political-pulse/os-univerisities-mental-health-20171110-story.html

How counselors help survivors of terrorist attacks and other tragedies.

President Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande, second from right, and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo arrive at the Bataclan, site of one of the Paris terrorists attacks, to pay their respects to the victims after Obama arrived in town for the COP21 climate change conference early on Monday, November 30, in Paris.

An important step in counseling people affected by tragic events is to help them realize that their emotions are normal. The ultimate goal is for survivors to regain a daily routine. Read more at http://ow.ly/UO94b or at http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/17/health/how-counselors-help-survivors-of-terrorist-attacks/index.html?utm_source=hootsuite

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Check out ACA’s 10 things to know about counselors and counseling as well as facts and figures about mental health and professional counseling by clicking the link below. Read more here https://www.counseling.org/about-us/about-aca/aca-media-center

When Is The Right Time To See A Therapist? Experts Weigh In On How To Know & Why You’ll Benefit.

Like most things, the decision to start going to therapy is kind of different for everyone. Whether you’re thinking about it because you’ve been going through something really difficult lately, or because you simply need a sounding board for some changes you’re thinking about making in your life, seeing a therapist can be incredibly beneficial for anyone, for a whole host of reasons. Read more at https://www.elitedaily.com/p/when-is-the-right-time-to-see-a-therapist-experts-weigh-in-on-how-to-know-why-youll-benefit-2997585

Counseling vs. life coaching

Counseling vs. life coaching

Therapy and Counseling.

Therapy and Counseling