President Trump’s stigmatizing comments about mental illness reinforce harmful stereotypes and create barriers for people trying to access care. 

President Trump’s Recent Comments On Mental Health Care.

In recent days, there has been a lot of rhetoric by the President and the NRA about “crazy people” and a desire to return to the days of the “institutions.” These comments reinforce inaccurate and negative stereotypes and create barriers to having real conversations about how to improve the mental health services that lead to recovery and participation in American society by people experiencing mental health conditions.

In the aftermath of a shooting. Help your children manage distress.

Sad frightened child

As a parent, you may be struggling with how to talk with your children about a shooting rampage. It is important to remember that children look to their parents to make them feel safe. This is true no matter what age your children are, be they toddlers, adolescents or even young adults. Consider the following tips for helping your children manage their distress.

What mental health experts say to their kids about school shootings.

Like mass shootings in general, school shootings have gone from being a rare tragedy to a tragic reality. Already in 2018 there have been at least 17 instances of gun violence in U.S. schools, including the shooting Wednesday at a high school in Parkland, Florida. In one recent attack at a Kentucky middle school, two children were killed and 18 others were wounded when a fellow student opened gunfire. When I saw the news, I felt the all too familiar sinking in my gut, the clench of anxiety in my throat as thoughts of the victims and their families careened through my mind. I took a moment to do my version of praying for those affected and to ponder a question that has been on my mind since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012: How can you possibly explain these shootings to your kids and how to do you talk about it?


Mental Health First Aid is training in how to handle a mental health emergency. Mental health emergencies can happen at any time and to anyone. Examples might be a person who is suicidal, a person experiencing a panic or anxiety attack, a person experiencing trauma, an incident of self-harm or a person who is psychotic (How To Help Someone With A Mental Illness). Emergency mental health needs can be handled by the average individual until professional, trained, emergency personnel, such as paramedics, arrive.

Rural Mental Health Is Lacking, but Mental Health First Aid Can Help.

Rural Mental Health Is Lacking, but Mental Health First Aid Can Help