Puerto Rico Gov. Rossello sends letter to congressional leaders calling for further emergency assistance before end of year.

NEW: Puerto Rico Gov. Rossello sends letter to congressional leaders calling for further emergency assistance before end of year: “No governor should ever be put in the position of having to deny that hope in the aftermath of a catastrophic disaster due to the inaction of Congress.” MORE: http://nbcnews.to/2jXLxWj

Puerto Rico’s Humanitarian Crisis Takes on New Urgency With Alarming Death Counts.

The U.S. government claims 62 people died in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. The true death toll is likely far higher. The U.S. government says 62 people in Puerto Rico have officially died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Not many people are buying that given the island’s lack of electricityhealthcare access, and clean drinking water. To account for this discrepancy, media outlets have been making an extra effort to uncover the true extent of death on the island. Their conclusion? That 62 should be closer to 1,000. https://earther.com/puerto-ricos-humanitarian-crisis-takes-on-new-urgency-w-1821135423?utm_campaign=socialflow_fusion_facebook&utm_source=fusion_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow

Before providing directions over the phone or via text message to an individual claiming to be a FEMA inspector, verify they are a FEMA inspector.

To confirm, ask the individual to provide the name of their company, their inspector number, and your FEMA registration number. If they cannot answer these questions, do not provide your address, directions to your house, or any other information.


The Mental Health Toll of Puerto Rico’s Prolonged Power Outages.

The power outage in Puerto Rico has already lasted almost four weeks, much longer than the blackout in New York City during Hurricane Sandy. We should expect to see a corresponding increase in disease – not only mental health issues but also diseases that depend on electricity for treatment, such as renal failure, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Read more at https://centropr.hunter.cuny.edu/centrovoices/current-affairs/mental-health-toll-puerto-rico%E2%80%99s-prolonged-power-outages

AMAZON welcomes all Puertoricans who have moved to the US mainland to apply for their available Jobs at any of their fulfillment centers.

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Joint Base Charleston gears up for more Puerto Rico relief; military ship to deliver 11,000 tons of aid.

LOADING Puerto Rico

11,000 tons of humanitarian aid. Members of the 841st Transportation Battalion and local longshoremen teamed up at the Naval Weapons Station to load the military ship USNS Brittin with trucks, trailers and other items needed for the humanitarian relief effort. Read more at http://www.postandcourier.com/news/joint-base-charleston-gears-up-for-more-puerto-rico-relief/article_80623a8e-c951-11e7-8e94-338ff1b4ad7f.html