Diagnostic and Clinical Assessment Services


Diagnostic and Clinical Assessment Services

Diagnostic and Clinical Assessment Services

Treatment and service interventions are most effective when the nature, cause, and potential effects of a youth’s presenting problems are identified and a corresponding course of treatment is developed from this knowledge, making Diagnostic and Clinical Assessment Services critical in the treatment planning for youth and families.

Diagnostic and Assessment Services are applicable to and appropriate for youth who are just beginning to receive treatment services and for youth who require a redetermination of the appropriate course of treatment and/or services that will best meet their needs.

XAS offers 2 specific types of Diagnostic and Clinical Assessment Services:

Behavioral Health Screening (BHS):

The purpose of a Behavioral Health Screening (BHS) is to provide early identification of behavioral health issues and to facilitate appropriate referral for either a more focused/detailed assessment and/or for treatment. BHS is designed to identify behavioral health issues and/or the risk of the development of behavioral health problems. BHS is conducted using a standardized clinical assessment tool through client interviews and/or self-report.

Diagnostic Assessment (DA):

The purpose of a Diagnostic Assessment (DA) is to determine the need for treatment services, to establish or confirm a diagnosis (diagnoses), to assist in the development of an individualized plan of care based upon the individual’s strengths and deficits, and/or to assess progress in and need for continued treatment. A DA includes evaluation of clinical considerations of the individual’s general physical, developmental, family, social, psychiatric, and psychological history and current condition and also include information on strengths, vulnerabilities, and needed mental and other services.