How meditation can change your body’s response to stress.

About a quarter of Canadians tell Statistics Canada that most days are 'quite' or 'extremely' stressful, with women tending to report higher levels of stress.

No ‘magical intervention,’ but evidence growing that mindfulness helps with anxiety, depression, pain.

You have to give a speech in 10 minutes, the study subjects were told — so get ready.

A video camera recorded each step as they walked to the microphone, under bright lights, while “evaluators” in white lab coats held clipboards, ready to judge.

Sounds stressful? That’s the point.

This was part of a randomized, controlled clinical trial, designed to send hearts racing, blood pressure rising, and stress hormones coursing through veins, to test how patients with anxiety disorder handled the scenario after eight weeks of treatment.

The treatment wasn’t a drug — it was mindfulness meditation.

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