Hurricane Matthew Relief: Help Haiti Rebuild

Hurricane Matthew Relief: Help Haiti Rebuild
Hurricane Matthew Relief: Help Haiti Rebuild

Hurricane Matthew Relief: Help Haiti Rebuild


Hurricane Matthew, a Hurricane Matthew Relief: Help Haiti Rebuild and the largest in the region since 1966, struck the nation of Haiti on October 4, causing immense damage. This project will help the Haitian people rebuild their homes and lives while increasing their resilience to future disasters.

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Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on October 4, 2016. High waves, excessive rainfall, and hurricane-force winds caused extensive damage, affecting communication and transportation networks, crops, buildings, and the lives of 1.4 million people. This tremendous storm has displaced many families who are forced to live in emergency shelters indefinitely, where they face elevated risk of disease and violence. Housing collapses constitute a man-made problem that can be corrected to mitigate future risk.


Safe construction is necessary to mitigate damage, destruction, injury, and death in disasters like Matthew. We are grateful to have worked with so many communities in Haiti to build safer homes and schools over the past several years. This project will employ this experience to support disaster resilience in affected communities and increase the safety of buildings before the next hurricane. So far, we have completed evaluations of three schools in Grand’Anse to determine the cause of collapse.

Long-Term Impact

By educating communities on disaster preparedness and risk reduction, we strive to have a long-term impact on the families impacted by Hurricane Matthew. We will train local engineers and builders to design and build safer homes and schools for the community, with our technical assistance and construction oversight. This project has the potential to impact thousands, in addition to the thousands we have already worked with in Port-au-Prince and the Nord (North) department.

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