How Do You Keep Social Media From Destroying Your Mental Health?

Online interaction used to ease my social anxieties. What happens when it starts to make them worse?  When I checked Facebook this morning, I was greeted with a bunch of balloons and confetti surrounding a giant banner bearing the thumbs-up symbol. “Sarah, your friends have liked your posts 36,000 times!” the text underneath it read. “We’re glad that you’re sharing your life with the people you care about on Facebook. Here’s a look at some photos that your friends have liked.” Then there was a photo of me standing beneath a large, fairly anatomically correct dinosaur statue at a mini-golf course, proudly thrusting my putter skyward in order to draw attention to the plaster dino genitals hovering above my head. This completely meaningless and arbitrary milestone in my social media career comes at a weird time for me. Not because I think there’s anything particularly hollow or condemning about my eight-figure “like” tally. Most of those likes came out of pretty genuine and earnest interactions on my part and I don’t think they’re indicative of any great ill in my personality or in society. But I’ve found myself increasingly tired by any human interaction online or in person lately, and when I saw that banner my first reaction was “Well, it’s no wonder I’m so tired.” Read more at

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