My Personal Back to Basics: Minimalism.

It has been a “Back to Basics!”mentality and goal for me for some time now. The process has been very liberating. I have been working towards this path of minimalism for a while, on and off. Recently I’ve finally taken a deeper plunge into it. I have managed to cut everything in my bedroom closet down by more than half. I have cleared out so many other things too by either giving them away, throwing them away, or donated them to charity and to others where they can be of service to other people. I am down to only what I need, use or treasure.

I even cleared out whatever I had been attached to in the kitchen and bathroom. I basically broke my entire life down to the necessities and the few things that bring me some form of joy in my “today” life. The feeling that comes from knowing that you can basically break your entire worldly possessions down to the most basic and minimal lifestyle is something I am unable to fully express in words. The only thing that comes close is the word “liberating” because of the sense of freedom that comes with it.

My current goal is to remain in this lifestyle for as long as it serves me. The freedom that comes from knowing I can live without so many things is amazing. I do not currently feel attached to much that is materialistic such as furniture, cars, jewelry, clothes, makeup, and many other materialistic things. I have what I need, what I actually use, and what brings me joy. If none of those things are there, I get rid of it. If it is not of service to me, I get rid of it. Back to basics.

I have never really been a materialistic person in general which is what made this plunge easier to take now. I have never been the kind of person who cared what others had or did, or what their idea of success looked like. That has always been a blessing for me and thankfully has always kept me from feeling pressured or “less than” anyone else. My successes in life have been the reason why I ever accumulated things in the first place. Owning property, houses, needing to commute, working in certain environments, all of those things obviously required that I, like the rest of my contemporaries, accumulate things.

That is no longer what I want, need or do because I have gravitated towards a life and a lifestyle that does not require any of that. Now I have fewer things around me that actually belong to me anymore, and that has opened up an even happier way of living for me. Slowly I am getting more and more to where I can see my personal happiness and sense of what matters getting even clearer than before.

Although this works for me, I do not expect it to work for others. This is a very personal and subjective life choice. I support everyone in doing what it is that works best for them This works best for me in my life now. I do encourage everyone to take a very hard look at your life and meditate on whether or not it is what you truly need or want it to be.

Before I made the decision to go in the minimalism direction, I also had made the decision to stop being so busy all of the time with nonsense and instead slow down and choose things to spend my time and energy on that are actually worth it to me, personally. That included my professional life as well.

I took that path a few years ago and have never looked back. I stopped being so busy and I stopped glorifying busy and allowing others to be impressed with that. It is no good and brings no joy. It serves no purpose. So I stopped. Doing so has also made this new minimalism lifestyle so much easier to work on. Do what works for you. It is worth it.

Here is a link to a good article “Goodbye things, hello minimalism: can living with less make you happier?”. Take a read at

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