Nación Nativa is Diego Huerta’s effort to preserve and protect the customs of Mexico’s more than 50 indigenous groups.

Diego Huerta

Though he’s dedicated eight years to chronicling the indigenous communities in Oaxaca, the Sierra Tarahumara, and other pockets of Mexico, Austin-based photographer Diego Huerta soon realized that much like Jon Snow, he knew nothing. Or at least, less than he thought he did. Sure, he can confidently get around the mountains of the Sierra Tarahumara, has formed a relationship with the Rarámuri community, and through his powerful images, can get people thousands of miles away to relate to a Wixárika woman in Jalisco. However, when it came to the various, diverse indigenous groups in Mexico, Huerta had only scratched the surface. Read more at:

Diego Huerta Is Photographing Mexico’s 57 Indigenous Groups To Help Protect Their Legacy

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