‘Before They Pass Away.‘: The last surviving tribes on earth.

Over a three year period, one photographer spent his time exploring remote locations in order to capture some of the most mesmerizing photographs of tribes still surviving here on Earth. These tribes are the last of their kind and these photographs are truly spectacular! The photographer I am referring to is Jimmy Nelson. While he had no bad intentions when photographing these tribes he has gotten lots of controversial reviews because of them. The main reason behind this is that he seems to paint these tribes as naturally passing off when there is lots of genocidal violence going on that most of these tribes are subjected to. These indigenous people are struggling to survive in our ever developing economically obsessed society. His full series consists of tons of photographs and was printed into a photographic book called ‘Before They Pass Away.‘ Below you will find some of my favorite photographs from this set, which ones do you like best? These images will live on forever.  Read more by clicking on photo/article below.

25+ Mindblowing Photographs That Show the Last Surviving Tribes on Earth


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