Photo Project Highlights Asian Female Trailblazers Missing From Classrooms.

The @17.21women Instagram account shares images of Asian-American women who challenge the status quo. In this photo, a crew of women fire fighters train in Hawaii in 1941. From left to right: Elizabeth Moku, Alice Cho, Katherine Lowe, and Hilda Van Gieson. University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Doris Ho-Kane was devastated by last year’s election results. As a self-described feminist and an Asian-American woman, she said she felt she had to do something to actively resist Donald Trump’s presidency.

A fashion-industry professional for over a decade, Ho-Kane had kicked around the idea of starting up a magazine geared specifically toward Asian-American women years ago. Ho-Kane said the rise of Trump, his anti-immigrant policies, and misogynist hate speech, caused her to switch gears: Instead of focusing on Asian women in fashion, she said she felt the times called for shining a light on activists, politicians, artists, musicians, and other resisters of the status quo.

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