Resilience Comes from Both Joy and Pain.

Just another way that the universe sends me reminders that there can be a little pain in everything that brings us joy. Lately, after discovering that my Mami’s cancer has returned, I’ve been even more inspired to start the little Bojo Healing and Therapy Garden in the yard. She lives in the cottage back there and I am creating it where she can look out of her window and see it and also see the birds and squirrels that come to visit it. I’ve been working on it for about 2 weeks now, and this morning I realized that I have many small abrasions and rips in my skin. They are mostly on my hands. Small, like paper cuts, but I can feel them. There are many minor irritations and I feel little stabbing stings all over my hands. They are small reminders that most things that bring us joy or give joy to the ones we love also leave small bruises and pains. We can’t stop doing the things that bring us joy because there is some semblance of pain that comes along with the work involved in what brings us what we ultimately want, need and deserve, joy. Joy often comes accompanied by pain and both work together to build our resilience to survive and be well.

Counselor Xiomara A. Sosa

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