Women’s Circle

“The Circle is everyday ceremony: the invention of our most ancient Godmothers, who upon witnessing the myriad ways nature exalted this humble shape, claimed it as the spiritual center of their communities. Held by the simple rituals of opening and completion, honoring and appreciation, the Circle acts as a vehicle for both storytelling and transcending our stories. In Circle, we are conversing with the divine.”

~ Baraka Elihu.

I offer the following three Women’s Circle:

  1. Latina Healing and Wellness Circle
  2. Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer + (LBTIQ+) Women’s Healing and Wellness Circle
  3. Women Veterans Healing and Wellness Circle

The Women’s Circles are all-female gatherings that involve rituals, intention setting, learning, and sharing (with no judgments allowed).

Going deep is truly vital in this age of overextended schedules, over-glorification of busyness and surface-level social media friendships. Each time we meet at a Women’s Circle, we give ourselves an opportunity to slow down. These are not just bonding times or just fun, the Women’s Circles are designed to make us better human beings.


  1. We hold sacred space for Witnessing: As sacred witnesses in Circle, we see that every experience has value and there is wisdom in every experience.
  2. We hold sacred space for Safety: As protectors of Circle, we promise full confidentiality and do not discuss or allow discussion of what transpires outside our ceremony. We protect each woman’s right to anonymity and privacy.
  3. We hold sacred space for Compassion: As women devoted to a living practice of compassion, we actively open our hearts to every woman present, including ourselves.
  4. We hold sacred space for Silence: As patient students of the healing arts, we consciously allow space for silence to enter. We understand that so much of the magic of Circle happens within these pristine moments of silence.
  5. We hold sacred space for Mystery: We honor our ancestors, as their impulse still lives in us. We give thanks for our guides & spiritual teachers. We celebrate the unknowable expansiveness of spirit. We honor all supportive elementals. In Circle, we seek the inner light & listen to the song of the unseen.
  6. We hold sacred space for Truth-telling: As women sincere in our search for personal truth, we speak from the “I” place, from direct experience, participating in Circle from the inside out. We refrain from speaking about “you” and actively quiet the human habits of reacting, recapitulating and rescuing.
  7. We hold sacred space for Gratitude: For what we know, we say “thank you”. For what we do not yet know, we say “thank you”. For all that is offered in Circle, we say “thank you”. For ourselves, each in our perfect specificity, we say “thank you”.
  8. We hold sacred space for Matriarchy: As caretakers of the Feminine, we practice mutuality and inter-connectedness. We are the teachers and we are the taught.
  9. We hold sacred space for Healing: We trust that each woman in our Circle tends towards healing and that healing may be miraculous and extensive. We trust that our personal healing heals our community.
  10. We hold sacred space for Simplicity: As Circle shows us time and again, true abundance flows from the simplest gifts of life. We value laughter and politeness, groundedness and generosity. We appreciate pleasure and encourage simple shifts that enhance the quality of our lives. 
  11. We hold sacred space for Diversity: As women wise in the ways of nature & spirit, we celebrate all the diverse ways of existence. We acknowledge all stories as the loving expressions of our shared humanity. We honor all religions, all paths, all loving practices, and all peoples. We honor ourselves, with a welcoming heart.
  12. We hold sacred space for Commonality: As Wise Women, we adorn ourselves in Common-ness. Valuing our connection as much as our individuality, we welcome One-ness. We know that we always have more in common than space between us. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Shel Pink, founder of “slow beauty” brand SpaRitual

“I was seeking a spiritual connection with friends—an expansive, creative, and open-minded experience grounded in tradition,” says Pink, when asked why she started hosting monthly circles in her Hollywood Hills home last year. She adds that going deep with your girlfriends is truly vital in the age of overstuffed schedules and surface-level social media friendships. “I’m interested in knowing people, not their curated online personas. Each time we meet as a group, we give ourselves an opportunity to slow down.” And those three hours of bonding time aren’t just fun—they might also make you a better human. “Spending time with people you enjoy, with whom you can be open and supportive, is a profound [aspect] of self-care,” says Pink. “And when we care for ourselves in deep, meaningful ways, we are best able to care for others and the world.”