VIDEO: Donate a birth kit to Syrian refugee baby.

The struggle for new born children in Syria is heating up, and we need your support more than ever. Air strikes on hospitals where expectant mothers are giving birth are on the rise, and its very difficult for a mother to birth a child safely.

The only option for a new mother to give birth is in a refugee camp or in her own home, and she is lacking in the necessary birthing supplies.

We are working with Canada Caring to produce and deliver safe birthing kits to expectant mothers in Syria, so that these wonderful women have everything needed at this pivotal time in their lives.

We believe that it is our duty as human beings to treat all humans on this planet as equal, and every second we feel the heartbreak of these mothers who have to birth children in dangerous and unclean situations. And we will not stop our mission in Syria until every month and child can breath easily at night.

While conditions in Syria may be extremely dangerous, we are making our voices loud and clear that we support the victims of this war, and we are rallying the rest of the planet together to not only help the children and mothers in need, but to call for an end to this war.

And we couldn’t do it without your help. Our movement is only growing stronger and stronger, and we will provide support to the families in need in Syria until the war is finally over.

Please join us in our mission in restoring peace in Syria, and eventually all of the planet. We are the new generation, who aspires to create a heaven on Earth, and it all starts by supporting the people in the places where peace is furthest away.

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