The Vietnamese women who fought for their country

A picture of a female fighter is shown amidst a display of wreckage from the Vietnam War at the Vietnam Military History Museum, Hanoi.

The Vietnamese women who fought for their country. Photographer Lee Karen Stow recently visited Vietnam to meet some of the women who fought for their country in the conflict with the USA, having earlier met US veterans in Washington.

President Ho Chi Minh, the communist leader of North Vietnam at that time, made it clear that women were expected to mobilise and fight to unify their country.

Many enlisted into the Vietnamese People’s Army and took up roles in frontline nursing and combat while those who joined the Viet Cong worked behind enemy lines in South Vietnam, on sabotage missions and underground in tunnels.

Stow’s pictures capture both the military heroines and bereaved mothers created during the Vietnam War.

All photographs © Lee Karen Stow

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