Investing in WASH is one of the most effective and efficient choices we can make for global nutrition, child health, education, and empowerment of women.

Water is an essential component of human health, food security, economic growth, national and regional political security, and environmental sustainability, yet 664 million people, living primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, currently lack access to an improved water supply, and 2.4 billion people have no access to improved sanitation. Recent projections hold that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in severe water stress conditions with significant adverse effects on individuals, communities, economies, and ecosystems around the world.



  1. Congratulations Xio!!

    I just returned from the Republic of Georgia. I went there to visit my daughter serving with the United States Peace Corps. They are doing some nice work around the country in various areas, including working within settlements of Georgian people displaced by wars. many women learning or applying their skills to sell local products. A young democracy and former Soviet Union country, full of contrasts… Water is a problem, beliefs about the role of women, limiting beliefs based on ancient religious matters, not on laws. Old buildings falling apart next to contemporary and updated real estate. State of the art highways,tunnels, and digital public transportation system of alerts … fascinating… So much to do.
    Public health issues related to lack of water, and health practices, smoking and drinking, among many. The goal for the Group is to develop and encourage cultural understanding of the West, self confidence, share and encourage entrepreneurial behavior.No question the younger population sees a world of opportunities and are learning English now. The older ones lack the desire and incentives to make decisions by themselves to improve their living standards. I shared my experience as a Mexican immigrant in the United States in 7 or 8 cities. Cultural, disability, inclusion and business matters. all advocacy since I was already there.
    There is a nice project of two enterprises related to producing beautiful typical jewelry by displaced women who use silver and enamel to support their families. Social Enterprise Iberia. in the Tserovani Settlement. http://www.sei.ge
    Kind regards a big hug, and best wishes!!

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