Wisdom From The Women Of Standing Rock


I was sitting in a coffee shop in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the night it hit me: I had to go to Standing Rock to document all sides of the ongoing #NoDAPL fight. This has happened before, a film choosing me, rather than my choosing it. Also familiar was what happened just four days later, when I realized that the story I had set out to investigate wasn’t the one that needed to be told.

The first person I contacted was Pearl Daniel-Means, whose Lakota name is Iyoyanbya Izanzan Win, or “Bright Light”. That’s what Pearl has been in my life since 2012, when I had the honor of interviewing her and her husband, the American Indian activist Russell Means, shortly before his death. During the interview, Pearl was visibly grieving, and yet seemed to possess incredible strength.

Shannon Kring is an Emmy-winning producer, UN liaison, and Honduras’ Goodwill Ambassador. She works with the US Department of State, USAID, UNEP, and many other global bodies on issues concerning women’s and indigenous issues, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and cultural preservation.  www.endofthelinefilm.com


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