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Online products, programs, and services that I’ve created to expressly identify with my brand, vision and work. Each offering aims to solve a specific problem or to address a specific issue that matters to my heart and soul, and is aimed towards people who support them. These are distinctive projects by which I am identified with. They are original and based on the personality of my company and my vision.

The X-Boho Room™

The X-Boho Room™ offers individual coaching, consulting and counseling services to community members.  I offer Healing and Well-being ConsultingMental Health Well-being Counseling, and Positive Psychology Coaching. to community members. The X-Boho Room™ is located at The Serenity Center of Summerville whose mission is to create a community center offering a variety of holistic resources and experiences.  A minimum $10.00 donation is suggested to help cover some of the operating costs of providing this service to the community.  I offer sliding-scale options for individuals who are unable to pay the full cost of any sessions.

The X-Circle for Women’s Healing and Well-Being 

The X-Circle™, powered by my Healing and Well-Being Consulting, is an all-woman gathering that involves rituals, intention setting, learning, and sharing with no judgments allowed. The purpose of The X-Circle™ is to help facilitate women in leading physically and mentally healthy lifestyles through Healing and Well-being Consulting. The X-Circle™ brings women together for conversation, mutual support, and camaraderie built around healing to achieve well-being. This transpires when the women can spend quality time with their brethren in an expansive, creative, and open-minded experience grounded in their traditions.

The X-Coaching Healing and Well-Being Program™ 

X-Coaching™, powered by my Positive Psychology Coaching, is a program for women who want to find well-being. It is culturally competent for women veterans, Latinas and LGBTQQIA+ womenIt is a collaborative, solution-focused, results-oriented process with each coaching engagement tailored to the individual. My evidenced-based Positive Psychology Coaching uses scientifically validated techniques and strategies from the behavioral science of Psychology to facilitate the enhancement of life experience, goal attainment, personal growth, and well-being. Positive psychology is the integration of the science of well-being (positive psychology) into coaching services. Positive Psychology was founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. It is a strengths-based psychology that aims to facilitate a shift from disorder or distress, to health, fulfillment and optimal functioning.

The X-Essays Series™ Blog 

A poignant series of quality compositions and scholarly work by Xiomara A. Sosa written to effect positive social change. It is also a thought-filled journal of her random thoughts on any given day. A little bit of both, brain and spirit.

The X-Feminine Spiritual Practitioners Collective: Healers. Givers. Leaders.™ 

We are multicultural and diverse women who are born with the innate calling and natural power to heal others through substance over style and leading with action over fluff. We are educated, trained, ethical and responsible in using our integrated modalities in a culturally competent and culturally appropriate practice.

The X- Healing and Well-Being Lounge™ 

The X- Healing and Well-being Lounge™ for community activities is a space where we promote and offer specific activities that our community members can participate in to find personal healing and well-being options. The healing and well-being that happens during our activities are a complementary addition to clinical and spiritual healing and well-being options.

The X-Global Culture Collective™ 

A project built from an empirical methodology based on research procured by social scientist Xiomara A. Sosa. It is designed to explore global cultures and to educate people about cultural topics that contribute to valuing global culture. This initiative identifies and highlights diverse cultures from around the world in hopes of promoting respect and acceptance of all people. Culture from the Latin cultural, stemming from colere “to cultivate,” is defined as the whole that makes up every human being on the Earth. Culture is the sum total of who and what we are and includes: arts, language, beliefs, and rituals, rules and laws, habits, as in historical patterns or customs shared by a particular society. Defining Culture has such an enormous scope that renowned Anthropologist Alfred Kroeber gave 164 definitions for it in 1952. Global Culture then is broad and all-encompassing and so unique and complex in its definition, that there should not be one single opinion on what it is. This being the case, one in particular, is very close to being a nearly perfect overall definition and should be given merit. It is the definition given by Frank Lechner and should be a starting point in the study of Global Culture.

The X-Humanitarianism Campaign™  

This project highlights initiatives and projects that are supported by Xiomara. Join her in her passion to heal the world. This campaign addresses pressing humanitarian issues worldwide. They include issues such as humanitarian crises, aid and refugee treatment, racial and ethnic discrimination, human rights violations, humanitarian rights, child and youth abuse, self-determination, indigenous peoples’ issues, crimes, addictions, hunger, natural and manmade disasters, mental illnesses, environmental disasters, famine, economic, ethnic, and religious issues, violence against women and children, health care, sexual crimes, femicide, child-brides, domestic violence, etc. It is a passionate journey that inspires women to help and serve communities in need around the world. Highlighting and supporting people and their intense struggles is an evidence-based methodology that helps us to feed our souls. Humanitarianism is a moral of kindness, benevolence, and sympathy extended to all human beings. Humanitarianism has been an evolving concept historically but universality is a common theme in its evolution.

The X-Newsletter™ 

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The X-Women to Admire Movement™  

A global movement to raise awareness about and to highlight admirable women worldwide who are positive role models for women and girls globally.