Xiomara A. Sosa is the Owner and Founder of XAS Consulting, LLC (XAS), DBA XiomaraASosa.com, a boutique private practice and lifestyle brand promoting healing and well-being through professional servicesX-signature offerings, and social change advocacy. As CEO and Creator of XiomaraASosa.com, she is an accomplished Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC), Healing and Well-Being Consultant and Positive Psychology Coach who provides flexible, consumer-oriented coaching, consulting, and counseling services.

Traditional talk therapy with a practical, problem-solving approach that creates a dynamic and efficient path for change and problem resolution.

Xiomara promotes a progressive, innovative path to integrative mental health care.

Xiomara’s philosophy is that an integrative approach to providing services is vital to achieving success.

Integrative counseling involves communication and cooperation between Xiomara and clients in order for them to be able to honestly assess their needs and develop a personal and unique plan that they can easily implement in their lives to help them achieve their goals.

Xiomara is dedicated to the comprehensive education of clients who seeks a balanced approach to mental health care and embraces the opportunity to work in partnership with clients in addressing their mental health care needs.

Xiomara works with individuals, couples, youth, families, groups, patients, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and agencies, and is dedicated to helping people live a positive lifestyle that promotes balance, welfare, fulfillment, and happiness.