Clarification: Puerto Rico is not Maintained by the US: Some Facts.

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I would like to clear a few things in relation to our Island of Puerto Rico!!

There is a huge misconception that Puerto Rico is being maintained by the USA!

1) USA sends Puerto Rico $4.6 billion a year. For welfare, Pell Grant, roads, etc. This supports 42% of the population. This amount is not enough to support this population.

2) They send $13 billion a year for social security, this is not unilateral! This is money that is retained from our paychecks!! Yet the USA reports this as help and money they send.

3) Puerto Rico buys from the US $22.6 Billion a year in goods; Making PR a huge customer for the USA.

4) Jones Act is 100 years old! We do not have the freedom to choose who ships to Puerto Rico! We have to ship in US Flag ships, which happens to be the most expensive in the world! This act 100 years ago was implanted with logic, to patrol the seas! But today it’s just an abuse and Puerto Ricans suffer by it adding huge costs to our products. We spend $1.5 billion a year on this added cost. We are 90% of the business of US ships!!!

5) Out of the business done in Puerto Rico, $34 billion leaves the island toward bank account for US businesses. No other territory in the world permits that much money to leave.

6) Summarizing: USA to PR $4.7 Billion and PR to USA $72 Billion. ?

7) So, when Puerto Rico gets hit by a Hurricane and needs help, USA should send the help. They cannot act as they are doing us a favor, but in reality, it is in their best interest. If you have a gold mine that produces $72 billion dollars a year and it gets hit by a hurricane, you need to get that gold mine up and running again!!!

? So when Donald Trump states that we “are taking his budget into whack!!” It should be because this year that 72 billion will be short!

As for our $72 Billion-dollar debt:
1) This debt starts with the removal of the 936 law that granted tax exemptions to Companies in USA, it was done to keep these companies from leaving USA to a foreign land and keeping them in US Territory!! Puerto Rico

2) Puerto Rico flourished and then the law was taken away way before it expired!

3) Unemployment raised and Puerto Rico started borrowing.

4) Puerto Rico has borrowed nothing near 72 billion!! But interest and foul play by Brokers in the US have raised the debt to a unpayable figure.

5) Brokers selling stocks to subsidiaries ( something illegal in the USA) but since it’s Puerto Rico, it is allowed!

6) Vulture funds now bought the debt at pennies to the dollar and now want the dollar!!! Not willing to negotiate even though they would make huge profits if they cut the debt in half!

7) They want to cut funds for our kids education, and food!

? Donald Trump should be the person to tell Puerto Rico to pay our debt!! Have him pay the 32 million he took from Puerto Rico taxpayers to build a golf course, bankrupt it and leave the taxpayers paying the 32 million!!!

9) Puerto Rican politicians are also to blame! But the island was preyed upon by a corrupt system.

Puerto Ricans are US Citizens!! That have contributed to the USA for close to 100 years.

1) They have volunteered in every war for the USA in that time
2) 65th Infantry is all Puerto Rican volunteers.
3) The 65th where the first to fire against Japan in World war II. Why? Because they where always the first ones to be sent in. The Torres’s, the Rodriguez’s, Morales, etc. first guys in, clearing the path for the Smith’s, Johnson’s and Captain America.
4) USA will not grant Puerto Rico statehood!!! To many business interests that would lose money! Puerto Rico would have a huge voice in congress and Presidential vote! Not everybody wants that.

So in summary, Puerto Rico contributes greatly to the USA, we have astronauts, engineers, scientists, researchers, musicians, artists, and many other professionals that all contribute.

Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents paved the way for us to be US Citizens! So now we have the right to live in USA and vote (if you live on mainland!) and be an American!!! Let us not forget where we come from. Let us not be disrespected and that our perception be that we are maintained, lazy or being helped because of the good heartedness of the USA.

It’s is our right as US citizens!

Let us not speak ill of our island even if you don’t live there!! If you do, you’re disrespecting yourself!

“Aquel que no está orgulloso de su origen no valdrá nunca nada, pues comienza a despreciarse a sí mismo.”- Pedro Albizu Campos



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