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Native America: The Untold Story (Part 1)

America’s untold story of the Native American culture is vast. It begins long before Columbus discovered a “new land.” In fact, it is believed that some 10-15 million Native people inhabited the continent for thousands of years prior to the arrival of the European explorers. Unfortunately, the history books give a very skewed and incomplete account of this country’s Indigenous… Read More

The Ainu: The little-known indigenous people of Japan and Russia

The Ainu, also known as Aynu, are an indigenous people of Japan and Eastern Russia. According to recent research, the Ainu people originated from a merger of two other cultures: the Okhotsk and Satsumon, one of the ancient cultures believed to have originated during the Jōmon period on the Japanese Archipelago. In the 13th Century, the Ainu of Ezochi (modern-day Hokkaido)… Read More

Kapha Body Type Meal Plan

Ayurvedic medicine considers your diet to be the best way to keep your body type in balance and fight disease and aging. The Kapha body type is typically the largest with wide hips and shoulders. Follow the guidelines below to boost metabolism and digestion.

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